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The Hand Talk website was developed to serve a broad audience through the implementation of accessibility resources, according to the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) recommendations from W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the main organization for Web standardization, that develops technical specifications and guidelines for international use.

By doing this, people with visual, hearing and learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, reduced mobility, photosensitivity, etc, and the combination of those characteristics, can browse through the website with the resources implemented to guarantee this access, such as high contrast, keyboard shortcuts, navigation, ASL translation, among others.

Browsing tips

How to increase and decrease text size

This website was created in order to allow an efficient use of your browser’s native zoom resource. To increase the font size and zoom in on the content, just press the keys “Ctrl +” and “Ctrl -” to decrease and zoom out. To go back to the standard size, press “Ctrl o”.

Keyboard navigation

Use the key Tab to navigate through elements that receive user action on the website, such as links, buttons, form fields and others in the order they are presented in the page, and Shift + Tab to return. Use the directional arrows to access textual information.

Keyboard shortcuts by browser

Edge and Google Chrome:

  • “Alt + 1” – go to content
  • “Alt + 2” – got to menu
  • “Alt + 3” – go to page footer
  • “Alt + 4” – Access this Accessibility Help page


  • “Shift + Escape + number”

Internet Explorer:

  • “Alt + number” and press ‘enter’


  • “Alt + Shift + number”

Safari e OmniWeb:

  • “Ctrl + number”

Assistive technologies

  • Nitrous Voice Flux: controls the computer by voice. Free;
  • NVDA: software for screen reading – various languages (Windows). Free;
  • YeoSoft Text: screen reader in English and Portuguese;
  • Jaws for Windows: screen reader – various languages;
  • DOSVOX: software for people with visual impairments (Windows or Linux).

Observation: read the screen reader manual about the best way to navigate through web pages.

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