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Discover the largest Sign Language translation platform in the world

We have translated nearly 2 billion words since the Hand Talk Plugin was launched in Brazil.

We use Artificial Intelligence to break down the communication barriers between deaf and hearing people.

Our technology can provide automatic translations from English to ASL (American Sign Language), translating all the written content and alternative texts in your website.

We have two friendly 3D virtual translators, Hugo and Maya, that make your website accessible for people who communicate in ASL.

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“With the Hand Talk Plugin, along with some of our other inclusion actions, we are able to expand our service possibilities, elevating the quality and experience of our customers while promoting accessibility to all”.

“We brought the virtual translator Maya to our team as part of our journey to be the most inclusive company in the world. We have many deaf people working with us and now we get to offer this service to our clients”.

“Providing accessibility is in our Diversity & Inclusion journey. As we always want to grow closer to our customers, there is no other way to break down that communication barrier with deaf people”.

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