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Accessibility expert: what is it and what does it do for the company?

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In our post with 5 amazing tips to get you started investing in accessibility, we talked a bit about how easy it is to make your business accessible when you know where to begin. One of the best ways to do this (and also our fourth tip!) is to consult an accessibility expert!

There are various types of accessibility consulting, specializing in specific services, products, or general accessibility. To avoid confusion and ensure you make the right choice, the best choice is to learn more about what these experts do!

Who is responsible for accessibility?

The truth is that the entire team should be responsible for accessibility! From developers creating accessible products, through the HR team promoting an accessible culture internally, to marketing communicating with customers inclusively.

Nonetheless, there are professionals specialized in accessibility, and their work is vital to help your business grow and position itself in an accessible way. Nowadays, they can work independently or as part of Accessibility Consultancies.

What is an accessibility expert?

Accessibility experts are usually responsible for diagnosing what needs to be done within a company to make it more accessible. But that is just the first step! From there, these experts can guide you in implementing all the necessary improvements in your processes, products, services, and policies. Pretty cool, right?

Accessibility professionals often specialize in specific areas to offer more focused services. Some experts focus on the architectural structure of the organization, providing solutions for access and internal mobility issues, thinking of accessibility in the early stages of architectural projects. Another broad and diverse area is organizational accessibility, with professionals specializing in various aspects. We will talk more about them in a moment!

What does an accessibility expert do?

An accessibility expert can have a wide range of roles within an organization. Their function can go from helping develop checklists based on accessibility diagnoses and applicable laws for your business, to understanding how to prioritize these actions, and even recommending high-quality products and services (within your budget) to help make your business more accessible.

Besides from, of course, recommending other references in the accessibility field, according to your needs, and assisting in developing new internal policies. Let’s learn more about them!

Policies for hiring people with disabilities

Experts working in this area have extensive knowledge of laws and regulations related to accessibility and the rights of people with disabilities in the job market.

They work closely with HR teams to develop recruitment, selection, and retention strategies for employees with disabilities. All of this is done, of course, aiming to eliminate prejudices and stereotypes that may affect the hiring and professional development of these individuals.

Management training

These professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge to educate managers about the best practices in creating an accessible and inclusive work environment for people with disabilities. They raise awareness among leadership about the challenges faced by these individuals and share effective strategies to promote equal opportunities.

These training sessions empower managers to implement inclusive policies and practices within their teams, promoting diversity and accessibility.

Accessibility for employees and customers

To ensure accessibility for employees and customers, experts in this field must ensure equal access to physical spaces, products, and services offered by your company. They are involved in identifying and removing barriers that may hinder the full participation of these individuals, working together with teams in architecture, design, technology, and customer service to implement accessible solutions.

Their goal is to ensure that employees with disabilities can perform tasks efficiently and safely, while customers with disabilities can have a great experience interacting with your business.

Workplace adaptations

Specialists focused on workplace adaptations work to ensure that it is accessible to all employees, regardless of their abilities. These professionals possess specialized knowledge about the specific needs of people with disabilities. With this in mind, they assess the workplace, identify potential physical, communication, or technological barriers, and suggest viable solutions, such as ergonomic adjustments, assistive technology, furniture adaptations, accessible routes, and appropriate signage.

Adaptations in the digital environment

There are accessibility experts who focus on the digital world. Among their main responsibilities are identifying bottlenecks in the online experience of customers and employees and suggesting improvements, such as softwares and initiatives that can be beneficial.

Some of them are also responsible for developing tools that promote web accessibility, such as assistive technologies. For instance, the Hand Talk Plugin is an online accessibility solution that translates website content from English into American Sign Language (ASL), providing more autonomy for the deaf community.

What can an accessibility expert do for my company?

The first thing you need to know is that an accessibility expert offers a valuable asset when it comes to making your organization more inclusive: experience. Their knowledge can guide you in making conscious and informed choices, avoiding wasting time and resources on unnecessary activities.

Typically, the work begins with an assessment of the situation, in which the expert will tell you what can be changed and what is most important to do. From there, the professional can support you in various ways, but it all depends on one essential question: what type of service do you need?

As mentioned earlier, we discussed some of the main areas of expertise for an accessibility expert. So, if you’re unsure, start by evaluating whether your needs are related to any of these areas!

What is the job market like for accessibility experts?

In America, we have already come a long way in learning about accessibility and considering how to apply it practically in their daily operations, but there is also room for improvement!

Accessibility experts in the United States can sometimes work 100% focused on this field, or handle projects and specific activities. Either way, they still play a critical role as accessibility guardians within their organizations.


Finding an accessibility expert can be a game-changer for your business. After all, accessibility is becoming a major trend and a part of business strategies.

But remember, the most important thing is to understand the general type of service you need! Are the changes required in architecture, communication, or behavior? In our post on accessibility barriers, you can learn more about the main categories of accessibility. This will make it easier for you to evaluate what adaptations your company needs first and find the right professional!

In the meantime, keep checking the Hand Talk blog to stay updated on the latest accessibility news and access incredible tips for making your business more accessible!

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