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Diversity and accessibility: what is the importance of the harmony between these two concepts?

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The concepts of diversity and accessibility are intricately connected, but do you know why? Both diversity and accessibility embrace the same aspect: inclusion. After all, while accessibility relates to the inclusion of people with disabilities, diversity suggests the inclusion of plurality.

These two concepts, however, have more in common than it is possible to imagine. In this article we will tell you why! You will understand more about the meaning behind each of these words, as well as the powerful social role they have. Come along with us!

What is diversity?

The word diversity transmits the idea of plurality and differences. Currently, this concept relates directly to the individualities of each person, group or even societies, as well as the respect towards them!

This way, diversity relates to determining singularity and standardizations. This happens because, in reality, the concept embraces multiplicity and the possibility of being different, aside from ensuring rights and spaces, regardless of what or who it is.

In this sense, aspects such as gender, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation, among others, should not be determinative or exclusionary in society.

Why has diversity been increasingly more debated inside and out of organizations?

Even though human beings are plural, some characteristics that are perceived as divergent from the “usual”, end up making some people suffer. In other words, culturally and historically, some factors influence the isolation and distancing of some individuals due to their diversity. This quality of being “usual” is an institutionalized pattern, and therefore, it is considered more acceptable.

For this reason, debates about diversity have become more frequent lately, especially in companies. The importance of this subject is extremely relevant, mainly when diversity is a reason to exclude. Even more so when this factor is accompanied by preconceptions, and even violence.

Despite our history, the world is going through changes and it is already possible to identify people and companies willing to capture the best of diversity: the multiplicity of individuals!

Therefore, the promotion of diversity aims to diminish the discrepancy between the access for people that suffer from being different. After all, there are discriminations that relate to some characteristics and this person’s role in their job. For example, women tend to be undermined by men in the workplace. Just like them, people with disabilities are underestimated due to the concept of ableism.

In what way does accessibility relate to diversity?

We have already told you about diversity and its importance. Now you need to understand that accessibility is a factor that amplifies this concept and helps in its inclusion.

It ensures the access of people with disabilities to the most diverse situations, such as the possibility of developing a good job in their organizations. Also, it makes for these people to be included, regardless of their gender identification, sexual orientation or race.

Therefore, the combination of these factors promotes workplaces that are more inclusive, diverse and prone to great discoveries. After all, we learn a lot from what is new, right?

In this sense, companies with accessibility initiatives, be them physical or digital, promote diversity. They provide access not only to people with disabilities, but also to human beings with all their different characteristics.

Lastly, it is important to comprehend how the debate surrounding accessibility and diversity is important. Especially when we question ourselves about the representativeness in the people with disabilities community!

We invite human resources professionals and organizations to rethink their selection processes. After all, the first look must be about the entryway, that is the real access for people with disabilities, and the diversity in the workplace.

So tell us, how are accessibility and diversity being treated like in your company?

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