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How to use the Hand Talk App: Sign Languages translator

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What was elected by the UN as the best social app in the world, already has over 7 million downloads, and has translated over 700 million words? It is the Hand Talk App!

Although our app already has many users around the world, it is always good to share some tips and best practices on how to use it in the best way. 

That is why we have prepared this definitive guide on how to use the Hand Talk App. Come check it out!

What is the Hand Talk App for?

The Hand Talk App is an automatic Sign Language translator application. But what does that actually mean?

Well, it works like a pocket translator, automatically translating text and voice into ASL (American Sign Language) and Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). To perform these translations, it relies on Artificial Intelligence and our friendly virtual translators, Hugo and Maya.

Our app was created with the goal of breaking down communication barriers between deaf and hearing people through technology. Do you know why this is so important?

Many deaf people cannot understand the written languages of their countries well, communicating primarily in Sign Languages. That is where the Hand Talk App comes in, serving as an educational tool that helps hearing people talk to members of the deaf community. Pretty cool, right?

How does the Hand Talk App work?

Now that you know what the Hand Talk App is for, it is time to understand how it actually works!

As we mentioned, it uses Artificial Intelligence as its foundation to perform translations. But do not worry, we have a team of experts behind this technology to ensure it always works with the best possible quality.

Using the app is super easy. On the home screen, you can already perform your translations, just type or record an audio with the words you want to consult, send it, and shortly after Hugo or Maya will translate your phrase into the Sign Language you choose.

Want to know what you can find beyond the home screen? Then continue reading here!

What are the main features of the Hand Talk App

In addition to translating text and audio into ASL and Libras, the Hand Talk App also has some other super cool features. You can access them from the menu, which is at the bottom of the screen. Check it out!

Save your translations

Ever imagined being able to access your favorite translations whenever you want? In the Hand Talk App, you can do that!

Favorite your preferred and most used translations so you can check them offline whenever you want. This helps make your communication even more fluid and dynamic.

Customize Hugo and Maya

Whether it is for Christmas, New Year, or Halloween, Hugo and Maya are already dressed up! Besides costumes for holidays, you can also customize your favorite virtual translator as you wish, and even make the Hand Talk App look exactly how you like it.

To do all this, just access the “Store” section in our menu.

How to download the Hand Talk App?

If you thought using the Hand Talk App was easy, downloading it is even simpler! You can find our app on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Learn more:

Apple App Store

To download the Hand Talk App on the App Store, just search for the name of the app in the search bar. Then, just install it on your iPad or iPhone and enjoy!

Google Play Store

You can also find the Hand Talk App on the Play Store, just type: Hand Talk Translator. After finding it in the store, just click on the install button!

Frequently asked questions about the Hand Talk App

This guide would not be complete without answering users’ main questions about the Hand Talk App, right? So check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Who can use the app?

Everyone! By having the Hand Talk App installed on your favorite mobile device, anyone can use it.

Whether you want to learn more about ASL and Libras, or want to communicate better with people in the deaf community, our app was made for you!

Who created the Hand Talk App?

The Hand Talk App was created, as you can imagine, by Hand Talk! Back in 2012, the idea came about among our founders: Ronaldo Tenório, Carlos Wanderlan and Thadeu Luz. Today it is already a reference for automatic translation of Sign Languages.

How much does it cost to use the Hand Talk App?

Using the Hand Talk App is free! You are entitled to unlimited translations in ASL and Libras, as well as access to all the other features we mentioned above.

Can I use the Hand Talk App on the computer?

Unfortunately, no. The Hand Talk App is currently only available on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


Did you enjoy learning more in-depth about how the Hand Talk App works? We hope that with these tips, you can take more and more advantage of your favorite automatic Sign Languages translator!

Oh, but remember: although the Hand Talk App is a great ally for learning ASL and Libras, it should not be your only source of information. To truly learn Sign Languages, we recommend that you seek to have classes directly with people from the deaf community, deal?

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