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5 reasons to make your B2B business accessible

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It is very common for us to believe that accessibility only makes sense for companies that deal directly with the public, also known as B2C organizations (from the term business to consumer). After all, they need to be as close and accessible as possible to their consumers, right? Although that is still true, many people forget to include B2B businesses (from the term business to business) in the discussion as well.

Thinking about accessibility is essential for human relations. The same goes for interactions between companies and their customers, or between corporations and their suppliers. Even though B2B businesses don’t deal directly with their final target audience, they still need to establish close connections with their customer organizations. It’s super important to create a relationship of trust and empathy with each other, and accessibility can be a great ally in this process.

We have put together some reasons why incorporating accessibility initiatives in your B2B business can bring you great benefits. Check it out!

You will be in compliance with the ADA

Did you know that accessibility is law in the US? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed in 1990, and has a set of guidelines for public and private corporations to follow and guarantee accessibility. For instance, being ADA compliant means embracing digital accessibility on websites. Sadly enough, even if it is part of our country’s legislation only 2% of American websites are accessible.

Better opportunity for diversity among your employees

Regardless of who your target audience may be, every company has the possibility of employing people with disabilities. Investing in accessibility is also a great opportunity to attract talents for your organization, or to offer better work conditions for those with disabilities that are already part of your team. It’s your responsibility to ensure the rights of this community.

Promote well-being and creativity in your business

Imagine if everyone that worked in your company was the same. There would always be the same ideas, same thoughts and same world perspective. Providing a work environment in which diversity is present, strongly encourages the well-being and creativity of your team, helping to build a richer and more representative view of your target audience. Creating an environment like this is only possible if there are good accessibility initiatives in your business that ensure the access of diverse people.

A positive image for investors and shareholders

Investing in accessibility and following good ESG practices has been an important strategy for brands to be more valuable, and investors have their eye on it. According to the report from the UN’s (United Nations) Who Cares Wins initiative, 81% of companies in the Fortune 500 ranking listed social and sustainable practices as one of the main factors that added value to their businesses.

Your business will develop alongside the SDGs and ESG guidelines

The ESG acronym that stands for Environmental, Social and Governance has been trending lately. It represents the pursuit of better practices within a business in these three areas. Companies that follow these guidelines tend to be more valued in the corporate world, aside from assuming a positioning that is very well seen by society. Good ESG practices are also directly connected to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among them, accessibility is strongly connected to SDG 10, which stands for reducing inequalities in countries and between each other. Investing in accessibility fits right in the Social pillar as well.

When we think about the concept of accessibility as a whole, it can seem like a very broad universe, and sometimes we don’t know where to begin implementing these initiatives. There are multiple ways that can be pursued, but a great first step is to count on the Hand Talk Plugin for your website.

The plugin translates all written and image content with alternative texts into ASL (American Sign Language), making your page accessible for deaf people that have difficulties comprehending English. This technology will soon be available in the United States, so stay tuned so you don’t miss any new updates!

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