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How to create accessible videos in your communication

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Creating videos for your brand or company is something special and necessary. Especially knowing that this is one of the formats that most engage with your audience.

However, not all people are able to access and use the internet in the same way or without facing barriers to enjoy it independently.

Today we are going to teach you how to create accessible videos, in a simple way, paying attention to the elements that this type of content must have.

For those who don’t know, digital accessibility is associated with social inclusion and also the inclusion of people in digital media.

Creating Accessible Videos: Your Pilot Project

To create a video that can be consumed by a diverse group of people, you must have some features:

  • Interpreter Window 

In addition to dead and hearing-impaired people, the interpreter window makes the content accessible to autistic people, as well as people with Down Syndrome, hearing people with cerebral palsy, who may have difficulty speaking and who use American Sign Language in their Communication.   

  • Subtitles

Is the video spoken in a language the user doesn’t understand? Does the user want to watch the video without audio? Is the user deaf or hearing-impaired? Add subtitles! It is an accessibility feature that serves so many situations that it is even strange to see videos that do not have this option.

  • Audio description

For visually-impaired and blind people to understand details of what is being displayed in a video content, it is necessary to use audio description. This feature is a form of narration used to communicate information around the main visual elements presented in the media.

It is important to remember that accessible content is being demanded from companies and marketing teams. Leaving aside any audience or cause can be a disadvantage for your online videos and ads – especially for corporate videos.

So whenever it’s possible, make videos accessible and optimized for all audiences. This way, everyone wins!

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